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How to save energy and reduce consumption in the process of precision parts

  In mechanical processing enterprises, precision and processing ability are valued by the company. People will think that mechanical processing equipment as a standardized individual product, its energy consumption seems to be a fixed value, and the processing technology of mechanical parts is relatively fixed. Products are usually It is mature without too much energy waste.


  In the process of precision parts processing, one of the main factors causing energy waste is the different energy consumption of different equipment. Generally speaking, craftsmen usually choose the appropriate machining equipment according to the specifications, sizes and materials of the parts, but sometimes, due to the wrong choice of machining process or for the convenience of processing, other equipment is selected for processing. You can get the same effect, but the energy consumption is very different.


  Specific measures to reduce energy consumption during precision machining:


  1. Proper use of tooling can greatly reduce processing energy consumption. In the actual production and processing process, many adopt traditional mechanical processing methods with many procedures and complicated processes. However, if the appropriate tooling is designed and used, processing energy consumption can be greatly reduced, and production efficiency can be improved. This requires craftsmen to show their initiative, and they should actively look for deficiencies in the traditional craft process and develop new technological routes and tooling, rather than simply copying the previous craft.


  2. Proper adjustment of the process route can reduce energy consumption: The process routes and process sequence cards of many precision parts processing plants are compiled in strict accordance with process standards. With the development of the times, advanced mechanical processing equipment is constantly replaced with new generations, so the process routes and methods must also be updated. Many traditional parts that require multiple machines such as milling machines, planers, and grinders may now be put into the machining center and set the corresponding program. The energy consumption of the entire process is only one device in the machining center. Significant energy savings.


  3. Turning single-piece production into batch processing can reduce energy consumption. Large-scale production enterprises can batch and streamline production work, save processes, improve production efficiency, and save a lot of energy consumption.